Friday, November 19, 2010

Well....I so have a boy. I picked Rylan up from my grandma's after a long day at work. He got to eat a cookie on the way home. Well by the time we got home he had chocolate ALL over! So As soon as we get through the door, I strip him down. Diaper and all because I was going to just put him in the tub. All but the Ute hat, he had to keep it on, he insisted. SO I then set my keys phone etc. down and turn around and he was running out of the garge door. So I then follow him just in time to see him crawl in the door I left open. The pictures say the rest....

I promise I am a good Mom....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Stalking

I have been warned that I am being blog stocked so I feel that I need to give them something new to read. Not that it is going to be entertaining, but at least it is new!

Life is great! I have the most active little 17 1/2 month old that teaches me new things about myself everyday. He is so amazing.

I am still in school, Math 2010 Math for Elem. Ed. Teachers (the #1 most failed math class at UVU). I am proud to say as of right now I have a B! Yay for no time to study! Ry is very helpful.

I work 2-3 days a week and love my RPH family! They keep me sane, believe it or not!

The other "kids" are great and are very patient with Ry!

Rickey is still the love of my life, even though he is an die hard hunter and it seems as if I have not seen him since the hunts started :-) He works hard and is a great hubby/daddy!

All in all my life is great, but boring so it is hard to blog. I feel as if though people read this, it will put them to sleep, which may be helpful for some!

So please feel free to stalk me and cure your insomnia.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday Boy!

I cannot believe it, Rylan is ONE! We had a great party and he was VERY spoiled! We also had some fantasic pictures taken of him you can see the preview here! Here are some pics of the party! I made his cake and "smash" cake and they turned out so cute!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day at Otter Creek

I loved this-there was a cooler of worms, a locked cash box with a slit and a sign that said night crawlers $1.00/a dozen self serve. this was in Koosheram. It was so "American" with the flag, barn and scenery.
Me and Uncle Phil

Ry and Winston in the sand.

Ry LOVES the 4-wheeler.

Winston kept an eye on the fish.

Daddy and Ry

You can see his teefies!

He really needed a tubby

Casper cousins Coleman, Hudson and Rylan at Big Rock Candy Mountain

The family at Big Rock candy Mountain

We did our family tradition and went to Otter Creek for the Memorial Day weekend. I was a little scared to take Ry camping because he has such a good schedule going right now. We went with the whole Caper Gang there was a total of about 30 people there. Ry had so much fun in the sand and dirt. He really loved eating it.....he has a great immune system! While out on the boat fishing Ry decided he could finally walk on his own IN THE BOAT! Then he was in our camper and the in laws motor home and was all over the place! I was not holding my breath because I figured he would still want to hold my hand. So when we got home he was not sure he could do it, but then he remembered he learned how and took off. He is a little wobbly but getting better! He is so proud of hims little self and so am I!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

One year ago....

I remember one year ago. I was pregnant and could not wait for my little baby boy to get here. I was huge and so miserable pregnant! I cannot believe It has been a almost a year since having Rylan. He has taught me so many things that I could not have learned anywhere else. He has taught me love that I have never loved before. He is truly the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. We make such a great family and we cannot even imagine our lives without him.

It was not always easy. It is true when people say having a baby is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing that you will ever do in your life.

There is not a moment that goes by that I do not think of him and if he is sleeping I cannot wait to hold him again. I cannot wait to see the many more things that he is going to teach me. There is always some thing new and exciting he is doing. He makes me laugh everyday. I am so thankful, more than I could even express for him. I love my little Ry more than anything and I try to be the best mom I can be for him.

To all you new or to be moms, there will be hard times in that first year, but remember to take a breath and just admire the miracle you have. Enjoy all the little moments, because they will soon be gone, there will be a new moment to enjoy, but some you cannot get back. Take as many pictures as you want, there is no such thing as too many pictures!

I love you with all my heart Rylan, thank you for being mine!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ya, I suck at blogging

So remember that one time when I had a blog and I never posted on it, ya I remember that!
Well, here I am to post something on it.......Sorry if it is boring! Well, Rylan is now seven months old! I cannot believe it! He is so, I should say SOOOO active. He has a little walker that he runs all over the house in. The animals are about sick of it because when he see's them he makes a B-line to them. Poor Baylee is limping from the shin shots he gives her! Rickey and I are having a blast with him, even if he does wear us out! Nothing too new happening. I start back in school this week with a light schedule. Rickey is going to start the 49-96 hour schedule this month so that will be interesting. I am still at the zoo, they call Riverwoods Pet Hospital, why I am not too sure! LOL! Well, I did it, posted. Done and Done!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New pics!

Some family pics!

Go Utes!

Seeing Daddy at the station